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About technical workforce training and supply


Supply of educated, qualified and experienced personnel to public those who are in search of trained, skilled workers e.g. plumbers, masons, electricians, AC mechanic, tile fitters, plasterers, interior, carpenters, painters, draftsmen small contractors etc all workers in the field.
ITI holders and engineering diploma/degree holders for contractor ship or for eligible jobs; shall be supplied. To tap your tremendous potential register herewith... click here
This is revolutionary step to bring about change in civil field, enhance quality and remove hardships frequently met by people at large and also to save economic losses of clients, damage to property, resources due to unqualified people paying services. This wing provides reliable, authentic port for customers aspiring to do any works.


Sr.No. Skilled workers
1 Small Contractor
2 Plumber
3 Mason
4 Plasterer
5 Electrician
6 Tile fitter
7 Draftsman
8 Painter
9 AC mechanic
10 Interior
11 Scaffolder /centering carpenter
12 Other

For registration by the qualified skilled people click here
Terms and conditions:
1. The registration for the period of one year only thereafter it will be lapsed unless otherwise renewed.
2. The member should follow all rules, regulations or specifications set by this firm.
3. A separate agreement form would require to be filled up whenever a skilled worker gets a work from the customer through this firm.
4. Nominal or reasonable amount/fees shall be charged on lump sum or percentage basis of the total estimated budget of the work and or nature of work, to skilled members whenever a work being fixed to him by the customer
5. Skilled workers have to do the work according to the standard practice and as per relevant engineering IS codes etc.
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