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About Professional Civil Engineering Services: Maharashtra Level


Building and Land

Building planning's, structural designs, Lay-outs, N.A. cases, 3D and interior exterior designs & works, Landscapes, land surveys, quantity surveying, costing and estimating, building related all works in all categories like Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public etc. All permissions and certificates from Municipal corporations, Collector offices, Town planning departments, etc.
Forensic engineering, structural audits, valuations & experts required for court cases. Innovative designs in concrete, ferrocrete, precast, steel, fibers and from individual structure to shell structures, towers, underground, underwater structures, machine structures or retrofitting works, and small scale jobs as well.
Registered Builders, Constructors, Land developers and Valuers.
All package services and consultancy.


Water Supply Management

In planning or designing your property , your first consideration should always be water. Water is life, and if you get your water design right, everything else will fall into place, and your plants will grow up strong, happy and healthy.
A plumbing system serves two purposes: to supply water for human use, and to get rid of human wastes. It consists of a store of water that is delivered to various outlets via a distribution system.
All Indian plumbing systems have an underground tank. This collects water from the municipal supply line, which is normally delivered at low pressure, and therefore cannot push water to the height of an overhead tank. The most basic decision in a plumbing system is whether to provide an overhead tank or not. Traditionally, the underground tank is connected to an overhead tank via a pump and a supply line; the water flows from there to any tap or outlet by gravity.
We are Specialist of perfectly clean water flow off your roof into the drain only to pipe mains water back in at both your own and the environment's expense.


Land Scape Design

A Landscape Design Layout is a plan view of all the elements you want on your property, organized in a beautiful and functional design. Our expert designers incorporate your site information, aesthetic preferences, and wishlist into a unique plan for your Home Outside. An aesthetically pleasing and functional design layout that incorporates your wishlist items into your existing landscape
Designer's notes that call out the functions of various areas and elements, general materials, and practical and aesthetic recommendations
Plant suggestions such as "small flowering tree," "evergreen groundcover," "mixed border," etc.


Road Construction

Transport and mobility are a key part of today's society. Roads must be durable and safe otherwise they present a danger to their users and the environment, as well as increasing repair costs. However, because they are exposed to varying (and extreme) conditions it is not easy to construct and maintain strong and durable roads. Also, the quality of components in road products, especially bitumen, can vary widely.
Our road construction services help you to understand the behavior of road materials in relation to expected loads and deterioration mechanisms. We have the experience and expertise to test and assess the performance and durability of road materials and products.
Roads connect people, cities and countries. They are the arteries of the world and the basis for global interaction. It is with pride, passion and excellence that we strive to achieve continuous improvement, to exceed future demands on today’s projects and exceed expectations on all projects we execute. Buildscience has already constructed 100 kms of roads nearby Nashik. Extraordinary quality and selection of first-grade construction materials are a priority throughout the project execution. We guarantee that our roads have appropriate surfaces suitable for traffic loads, with optimum grip, driving comfort and an above-average service life.


Interior Designing

We are well known as Interior Designer offering all types of Interior Design and Decoration services as a Projects in Nashik
We provide Interior Designer service in following areas
Interior and Design your Unique Commercial Office
Interior and Design your Unique Residential or Commercial Villa
Interior and Design your Institute
Interior and Design your Educational University or School
Interior and Design your Hospitality
Interior and Design your Unique Stand and Furniture

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Lift Irrigation/Water Supply

Lift irrigation is a method of irrigation -in which water is not transported by natural flow (as in gravity-fed canal systems) but is lifted with pumps or other means.
Lift irrigation schemes must accomplish two main tasks: first, to carry water by means of pumps from the water source to the main delivery chamber, which is situated at the top most point in the command area. Second. they must distribute this water to the field of the beneficiary farmers by means of a suitable and proper distribution.


Drainage System Design

Drainage Services provides sanitary and stormwater drainage services to Edmonton residents by planning, building, operating, and maintaining the pipes, tunnels, pump stations, stormwater management facilities that make up the City's drainage network. It is Drainage Services' mission to protect the environment and public health for residents.
The key sections of Drainage Services:
Drainage Planning: Responsible for the development of major strategies and programs for Drainage Services.
Strategic Services : Responsible for all aspects of business planning and performance.
Design and Construction: Provides underground sewer infrastructure design and construction services and emergency sewer system repairs. This area includes the Design, Construction and Project Delivery sections.

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