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Quality management in civil!

February 25, 2016

When any kind of civil works come to the mind to be done then naturally the civil engineer being remembered. But the fact remains to be examined that what is the quality or merit is kept in the works. Miserably, the works being done are of inferior quality.

By looking beyond the curtain we will find the hidden truth lay behind the scenes. In fact, the civil engineering industry has huge potential and enormous strength to change the country. Development is key for any types of progress of country and civil engineering exactly underlie the same.

But unfortunately, the field has been infected with many problems. The quality deteriorated due to many reasons, first of there is no proper regulatory laws, the human resources are not qualified and as usual the problem like having with other field is that the field is dictated by the people who are not competent to say something about the field.

Hence it is utmost important to cleanse the field, the remedies may be, quality education must be imparted at colleges, the incompetent people should kept away from the civil field e.g. contractor/builder should be qualified engineers, ITI holders must be encouraged on sites, a uniform Act must be passed to regulate the industry etc. so we hope by doing few things we may achieve the desired effect and thereby the field will be pure, more strong. This will ultimately lead to build a safe country and the economy will also be boosted.thanks…

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